IOSA Continued Conformity Program

05 Nov 2018

Airlines – Are You Looking to Streamline Your IOSA Compliance, Achieve Excellence while Reducing Your Costs and Overheads and Ultimately Saving Time?

From Initial Implementation through to On-going Conformity Program Management

This is the model that CGA work to in order to achieve the best possible solutions that meet with your needs. Cost wise, we’re the most competitive within Europe.

Our bespoke compliance outsourcing solutions enable us to integrate and embed the necessary subject matter expertise and experience into your Airline; we work as part of your team, leaving you to continue with the important task of running your operations.

1     Outsourcing – the advantages

Hiring in expertise need not be expensive. In fact, it’s incredibly efficient and cost effective, particularly for organisations that are of a more minimalist structure and have less resource.  It empowers you with optimum control; you have the flexibility to continuously re-evaluate your resourcing and SME requirements, in line with both your budget and potentially changing business model. You can outsource as much of your IOSA requirements as you like for potentially less than the cost of a full time head – we’ll take care of everything.

The disruption often associated with implementing change can be hugely distracting and has the potential to create negative effects – particularly if it removes resource from the ‘day job’.  We take the headache out of the associated organisational transformation by managing the process for you; defining a comprehensive and structured model that will ultimately achieve IOSA compliance and lead you to success.  Not only that, we access the long-term by ensuring that a future proof process of continuous improvement exists.

2     Looking to save money? Why choose CGA?

We don’t hire in and send associate consultants to the job which means you’re not paying an inflated fee to a large corporate, who in turn pays the assigned consultant out of that fee.  You’re just paying the consultant, which means we’re more competitive.

We don’t charge the inflated rates often associated with the many who operate out of the London area.  We’re based in the North West U.K. meaning our overheads are lower and in turn we pass that saving onto you.

We’re not pilots, and while pilot expertise certainly has its place, it tends to be expensive. Consequently, we don’t apply the daily rates often associated with pilots offering consultancy-based services.

For on-going conformance assessment, associated monitoring and program management – outsource all for potentially less than the cost of a full-time head. Add bolt-ons and bundles according to your requirements.

3     Preparation – Process Structure and Approach

If you’re thinking about an initial IOSA accreditation, you might have had a IPV (IOSA Preparation Visit) from your chosen AO (Audit Organisation).  To supplement your IPV, we offer high-level familiarisation training covering the introduction to IOSA essentials such as (but not limited to): What is IOSA; Benefits; IOSA Program: Concepts; How to Plan the Audit; Associated Documentation; Scope; Repeated and Interlinked ISARPs; Contracted Activities; The Role of Function Managers; During the Audit – What to Expect; Implementation Process; Closing out the Audit; Continuing Registration.

Closing out findings that have the potential to come out of an initial IOSA audit is ultimately a time-consuming exercise; there is a requirement to identify root cause, while also ensuring your corrective actions address the root cause as well as the actual finding.  As well as proposed corrective actions, all root causes have to be agreed and signed off before the operator can proceed, and time and care must be taken in preparing the root cause. This is all standard practice, however, it’s easier to not get the finding in the first place.

CGA undertake a detailed GAP analysis and/or readiness audit in order to identify any potential areas of weakness.  We will use the associated checklists to facilitate this. We then set about correcting those areas, depending on the level of involvement you want from us.  Generally, we will make draft amendments to key operational manuals and associated processes and then assist in ensuring implementation within the organisation. We may also carry out audits against contracted service providers and introduce new processes in preparation for the audit and its requirement.  Timing is a factor when getting operational manuals approved and must be taken into consideration during your initial readiness plan. We discuss findings with each post holder.

We’ll also look at harmonisation of common areas that are repeated across all disciplines and in particular those covering SMS and your wider Management System.  We ensure IOSA elements complement your airline’s own program of quality and safety in a transparent way;

We complete the audit preparation documentation for you and can liaise with the AO on your behalf, as well as supporting you during the actual audit;

4     Post Audit and Continued Conformity

We can help you close out your findings, liaising with your post holders and tracking and co-ordinating the whole process through to final closure;

We can streamline your compliance monitoring program to ensure if fully covers IOSA stipulations – providing you with a set number of man-days to achieve this, as well as monitoring the standard, identifying new requirements and conducting on-site conformity checks (by an IATA qualified IOSA Airline Auditor) in accordance with ORG 3.4.6; ORG 3.4.7; ORG 3.4.8, including the development of any required procedures.

Recommended time for our continued conformity compliance program is around 40 man-days (variable).  There is a requirement to complete additional work pre-audit, preparation, report writing, Quality System administration and confirmation of corrective actions.

We provide you with our manual: Managed Program for IOSA Operator Continued Conformity, that you can reference or bolt on to your existing Management System to show compliance with associated elements within the ORG discipline.  We take care of everything for you.

5     Get in Touch!

Please get in touch to find out more about how we can help you and the detail contained within our IOSA Management Program.  E: or T: +44 (0) 7549 522 030.