About us

CGA is a private investment group that specialises in the aviation business and EASA approved type rating training.

Our global presence allows us to bring to you an enhanced level of knowledge. Working in diverse locations such as Turkey, Iran and Hong Kong, as well as Europe and the UK, our unrivalled, unique and flexible approach offers you the resource exactly where you need it.

Adaptability is key

Your requirements are always at the forefront of what we do. Putting customer satisfaction first; our scalability means we can provide the ideal support tailored to your needs.

By hiring in expertise, you retain the flexibility to review valuable resource whenever you need to. Combined with the fact that our fees are not based on typical London rates, we offer more cost effective solutions for your business.

All our pilot training programs operate in strict accordance with both our ATO Safety Policy and ATO Compliance Policy.
Our three brand pillars drive the ethos of our business.

Leader in the Field

We’ll help you cultivate a centre of excellence, achieving maximum regulatory compliance, whether that be with your flight crews, or, across other operational areas of your business. Our diverse ‘hands-on’ experience helps our clients to handle the increased stakeholder demands often associated with growth or change.


Understanding and anticipating the needs and complexity of your business and training requirements allows us to deliver greater transparency and a strategic approach towards integration and change management while ‘futureproofing’ required actions.

Highest Commitment to Quality

The regulatory environment around flight crew training, coupled with associated safety and quality assurance requirements, are ever evolving. We are committed to offering expert solutions and mentoring our clients through periods of change and/or complex training.

Our team becomes your team

CGA is comprised of subject matter experts from both the pilot training environment and the regulatory environment around Air Operations and Training perspectives. Our personalised and flexible approach allows us to scale to fit your company’s requirements.

Justine Forrest


A flexible and experienced aviation professional, Justine concentrates on the Aviation Consultancy side of the business as well as being the ATO’s CAA Form 4 holder in her role as ATO Safety Manager and Compliance Monitoring Manager. Justine has spent the recent years working under contracts for large complex operators on various projects, setting up CGA consultancy in 2015 before moving on to set up the ATO side of the business.

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